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Summary of Japanese Results on Day 10 of World Para Athletics Championships

World Para Athletics Championships Day Ten Highlights

London, England, 7/23/17
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Women's 100 m T53 Final (-1.3 m/s)
1. Samantha Kinghorn (Great Britain) - 16.65
2. Angela Ballard (Australia) - 16.84
3. Hongzhuan Zhou (China) - 16.92
8. Keiko Konishi (Japan) - 18.59

Women's 400 m T47 Final
1. Lu Li (China) - 57.23 - PB
2. Anrune Liebenberg (South Africa) - 58.09
3. Sae Tsuji (Japan) - 1:00.67

Women's 800 m T20 Final
1. Bernadett Biacsi (Hungary) - 2:20.51 - MR
2. Anju Furuya (Japan) - 2:21.37 - AR
3. Muhsine Gezer (Turkey) - 2:22.94 - PB
5. Moeko Yamamoto (Japan) - 2:30.52

Women's 800 m T53 Final
1. Hongzhuan Zhou (China) - 1:54.72
2. Madison de Rozario (Australia) - 1:54.88
3. Chelsea McClammer (U.S.A.) - 1:55.01
8. Kazumi Nakayama (Japan) - 1:58.70

Men's 5000 m T20 Final
1. Cristiano Pereira (Portugal) - 14:29.80 - CR
2. Michael Brannigan (U.S.A.) - 14:39.87
3. Pavlo Voluikevych (Ukraine) - 15:01.59
4. Daisuke Nakagawa (Japan) - 15:07.41 - AR
7. Ryo Kaneko (Japan) - 15:47.70
11. Yuya Kimura (Japan) - 16:24.24

Men's 5000 m T54 Final
1. Marcel Hug (Switzerland) - 11:10.72
2. Rawat Tana (Thailand) - 11:11.12
3. Alhassane Balde (Germany) - 11:11.92
5. Sho Watanabe (Japan) - 11:12.17
7. Masayuki Higuchi (Japan) - 11:12.30

Men's 4x100 m Relay T42-47 Final
1. Germany - 42.81
2. Italy - 43.32 - NR
3. Japan - 44.20

Women's Long Jump T42 Final
1. Martina Caironi (Italy) - 4.72 m (+0.1 m/s) - PB
2. Kaede Maegawa (Japan) - 3.79 m (-1.0 m/s)
3. Scout Bassett (U.S.A.) - 3.45 m (-0.3 m/s)
4. Hitomi Onishi (Japan) - 3.37 m (+0.1 m/s)
5. Sayaka Murakami (Japan) - 3.22 m (+0.6 m/s)


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Having declared pre-race his intention to withdraw from consideration for future Japanese National Team positions, post-race Kawauchi showed no change in that intent. With regard to his future plans, his motivation as a competitor likewise remaining unchanged, Kawauchi indicated that he will run Decmeber's Fukuoka International Marathon,where his 3rd-place overall finish last year earned him his place in London. "In Fukuoka I want to break my PB and run 2:07," he said. "There are things I want to accomplish besides being on the National Team."

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Thanks to a last-minute rush Japan walked away from the London World Championships with a passable haul. The JAAF judges performance in terms of medals and top 8 finishes. Up to Saturday, only one Japanese athlete had met either, 18-year-old sprinter Abdul Hakim Sani Brown finishing 7th in the men's 200 m final as the first Japanese man to make a 200 m final at Worlds since 2003. Three other Japanese athletes had scored top 10 placings, Yuki Kawauchi and Kentaro Nakamoto in the men's marathon and Ayuko Suzuki in the women's 10000 m, but under the JAAF's criteria these were not viewed as success.

Saturday's men's 4x100 m final brought the first Japanese medal of the Championships, with Japan following up on its Rio Olympics silver with a bronze, its first-ever Worlds medal in the discipline. Sunday morning brought Japan's best-ever showing in the men's 50 km race walk, Rio bronze medalist Hirooki Arai moving up to silver, Kai Kobayashi taking bronze wit…

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Following up on its silver medal at the Rio Olympics, the Japanese men's 4x100 m relay squad delivered the first Japanese medal of the London World Championships as it took bronze behind hosts Great Britain and U.S.A. Swapping in alternate Kenji Fujimitsu for ailing anchor Aska Cambridge in the final, the team featured only two starting members of the Rio lineup. Lead runner Shuhei Tada, a student at Kwansei Gakuin University who burst onto the scene in May, again proved himself the best new development in Japanese men's sprinting with a fast start. Rio members Shota Iizuka and Yoshihide Kiryu did their bits on second and third to keep Japan even with Jamaica in 3rd before Fujimitsu delivered the goods.

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